Hi, i’m Ryan!

Nice to meet you! I’m glad we met today… well at least in a digital sense haha.

If you met me in person, you’d probably notice the random trivial things I know, and laugh out loud because of my, at times, dark sense of humor.

My interests include politics (polling, public policy, ideologies), sci-fi movies, self-help, preparedness, comedy, and of course the B2B SaaS and tech industry!

I also love marketing, and I am constantly learning from internet marketing courses and books everyday.

I understand the importance of writing data-driven, long-form content, and I have done so for some great companies and websites.

So why me?

✔️I focus on ranking in Google for your specified keywords.
✔️I can do all forms of website copy.

✔️I use specific writing techniques to create engaging blog posts/articles.

✔️I make truly informative and well-researched content, that is relevant to your specific customer.

Also, I have knowledge of:

✔️Several types of SaaS: PMS, ERP, EHS, HCM/HRIS/HRMS, Marketing, Chat softwares.

✔️Construction, contracting, drone modeling

✔️Public health, pandemic preparedness

✔️B2C eCommerce marketing
✔️Marketing softwares (Shopify apps, WordPress apps, and other softwares that improve CRO, SEO and the general customer experience online).




If you are looking for revenue driving blogs for your SaaS, you are my perfect client. Let’s discuss your project. Contact me now!

Still deciding? Check out my writing samples.

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