Avoid burnout as a Small Contractor: Here are 3 key ways

If you are someone who has a passion for construction, chances are the idea of doing a small contracting business has crossed your mind…

The idea of having your own successful business and doing what you want when you want can be very enticing! However, it is not uncommon for business owners and especially contractors to get burnout especially when starting out. 

A main reason for this is because of the amount of responsibility and ability to oversee everything that is going on in your business. The more you see, the more potential problems you will notice in your business. 

So what can we do about this? 

In this quick article, we’re going to go over specific tips to avoid contractor burnout…

1. Schedule a specific plan 

One of the key ways to avoid contractor burnout is to be able to take breaks. This may seem obvious, but having time off can rejuvenate you, and give you time to de stress. 

However, as rudimentary as this may seem, how do you do this without sacrificing the growth of your business? 

This is where planning steps in. 

The reality is, it’s better to work smart rather than only work hard with no direction. This is especially true with construction and contracting because of the physically strenuous nature of the business. 

When you set a plan, you can very specific and specify:

  • Who is working on the project
  • What is the project you are working on
  • Where are you working on this project
  • When are doing this project
  • Why are you doing it
  • How are you doing it

It’s pretty much W5. The more specific you can make your projects, the less likely you are to make critical errors and do more work than you have to! 

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2. Do regular safety checks

Error is human, but this can be especially devastating to your business if accidents happen on the job. According to Safetytek, human error can cause up to a shocking 90% of accidents in construction! 

This should give you even more incentive to do safety checks.

When you schedule them regularly, it will prevent further accidents, thus reducing the likelihood of further health costs, liability and stress. 

Accidents, if severe enough, can break your business, so you want to ensure that you are on top of this issue, which can absolutely cause burnout. 

3. Reward and recognize your team

Sure you want to make money with your contracting business, and make the most profit possible. 

But you need to give back to your team! Why? 

Apart from having a sense of altruism, recognizing your team for their efforts and rewarding them can make the difference when it comes to motivation. Even basic acknowledgement of the great work your team is doing can make a difference! 

However, if you want to take it a step further, giving bonuses and raises can absolutely lift the spirits of your team. 

Of course you want to watch your profit, however you will need to give a little to get a little, or even a lot. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Gift cards
  • Giving a slight raise
  • Acknowledging a team member personally for their work 

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In short, burnout is a common occurrence for small contractors, but there are key ways you can avoid it, and further maintain motivation and growth.

Remember to:

  1. Schedule a specific plan 
  1. Do regular safety checks
  1. Reward and recognize your team

There are more strategies you can use to avoid burnout, but these are a few that can get you started. Hopefully you find these useful, and can further grow your small contracting business moving forward! 

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